Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Toothy Milestone (The Sequel) and Parental Dereliction of Duty

Sydney has had a seriously loose tooth for months. Lately, it’s resting state is a 45 degree angle from where it should be. I’ve tried to talk her into letting me pull it. (She has the same squeamish aversion to tooth pulling as the boys in this family have.) She’s let me give it a quick try a few times without must success (because she gives me a nanosecond before she yelps in pain).

Today, when she opened her mouth I saw that the new tooth did not take kindly to the old tooth not obeying its eviction notice and the new tooth is squatting in behind where it should be. So I told Sydney the tooth had to come out. I gave her a choice of the dentist pulling it or me and she opted for familial infliction of pain.  I pulled it. She cried for ages. After an hour of cuddling and her clamping down on a soggy tissue, she rallied enough to allow it MAY have been worth it because she can FINALLY put a tooth under her pillow.

We had a whole discussion and she thought that the Tooth Fairy could keep her tooth (her brother insisted on being able to keep them and wrote a note to that effect to the T. Fairy.)

So I put the tooth on a large clear patch of counter thinking [scary foreshadowing music] it would be safe, since between Sydney, Jackson and I we had dropped it in the couch cushions about six times while we admired it. Then we all watched a movie, ate dinner, did some of the usual Sunday afternoon stuff (looking for excuses to avoid exercise, in my case).

Then, Sydney was in a completely impossible state of mind over dinner choices (she was asked "Kraft Dinner or chicken nuggets" and her reply was "whichever is faster", which Husband interpreted liberally as being the nuggets and then she claimed that we had not pre-cleared the menu with her). And while trying to get Sydney off the emotional ledge, I started to wonder whether that tooth was still in the "safe" place.

It wasn't.

I asked Sydney in as matter-of-fact a tone as I could muster, being in an hysterical state of panic, where she might have put the tooth (earlier, she wanted to look at it), and she said she left it on the counter. Husband and I conducted a quadrant search of the kitchen and for once I was happy about the wood floors as it was easier to see the contrasting bits of food to divine if they might actually be baby teeth or just petrified bread. (Usually I curse the wood floors for the same reason.)

It was all to no avail and the tooth is still MIA. I have looked everywhere, including the kitchen garbage, inside the garborator and check every bit of white fluff in the the house to see if it might be a tooth.

Seriously, what kind of mother allows a child's FIRST lost tooth go missing?? That is first degree dereliction of parental duty. What is worse that that??

A mother who spirits a tooth out of a sibling's tooth jar so she'll have an impostor tooth to hide for the Tooth Fairy.


One Crafty Mother said...

OMG, this cracked me up. LOVE that you 'borrowed' a tooth!! I'm not sure I would have been that clever.

Greta had the tooth-coming-in-behind-the-tooth thing. We ended up going to the dentist and it took WAY longer to get out than I thought it would. UCK.

I can't wait to hear what happens when the real tooth finally turns up! :)


Konnie said...

I know Ellie, I live in fear.

Did Greta's teeth move into the right place eventually?? I think this happened to a less degree with Jackson's teeth and they all seem to be jostling into place.