Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Sleepy Milestone

Sydney had her first sleepover. Well, technically, she has slept at my parents and my brother's place. But I don't count those places as she is in places nearly as familiar there as her own home and she already knows where the good candy is stashed there.

Sydney had a SPARKS sleepover last night. This is the youngest group of the Girlguide movement. She just started about a month ago and I immediately received an email about the sleepover. At a gymnastics place that coincidentally she took gymnastics at for 2 years.

I was unsure of whether Sydney would want to go. Being new to the group, she hadn't quite solidified her place and hasn't really made too many friends. She knew a few kids from school, but none from her classes the past 2 years.

She was keen about the sleepover and has been asking me nightly for weeks, when it is. I thought I detected a little ambivalence in her this week, but when the night came, she was hyper. It was hard to get her to attend the the task of packing her 'kit'.

Deciding whether to take the Dora sleeping bag or the plain blue one (Dora); whether to take a stuffie along, her beloved blankie or no loveys (she opted for blankie after I insisted she take something familiar along). The most difficult part was getting her to sit still while I combed her hair, something we don't do enough and I thought if they asked her to comb her own hair in the morning, I should at least try to comb out the marshmallow or toothpaste that is making it scarecrow like.

Jackson came along for the dropoff (he was trying to curry favour for a string of unpleasantness that had been the evening). We entered a VERY busy place that was letting out teams of kids from gymnastic practice as a lot of excited 5 and 6 year olds assembled for the sleepover.

Sydney gave me not even a backward glance as she ran into the gymnastics hall, keen that she would not miss out on a moment of fun. No long meaningful hug, gentle squeeze or even blown kiss. Jackson and I left, and I was happy to have 20 minutes of his undivided attention so I could lecture him about his behaviour. Also I didn't have to think of the Girlie Goo going to sleep without us close as hand.

This morning, I arrived at 8 sharp to pick up her adorableness. She was quite put out that I came 'late'. No one told me Sparks parents are always early! She was the last one to be retrieved. I was assured by the Sparks leader that the girls were ALL asleep in good time. By the time the movie was over, everyone was asleep. That was 12:30. Even I had 2 hours of sleep by that time, my nightly wakefulness having taking a holiday for the night.

I asked her if she missed Mommy and Daddy "...a lot, a little or not at all".

I was hoping for the "a little" answer. I wanted her to have a good time, but not to forget about us.

"Not at all" she said without hesitation.

"Really? Not at all???" I know that sometimes she will just give me the answer I want, so as to not to hurt my feelings. I was leaving the door open and was hoping she would go through.

"Well, it very hard to think of your parents when you're having a really good time."

Hard to argue with that.

But by late afternoon a very tired Girlie required Mommy to get her through a rough patch during a scary cartoon episode involving elephants.

Aaaah. Nice to be needed.

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