Monday, March 22, 2010

Six Point Five

It's that time of year when I expose the greatest of all my neuroses: my celebrating of half birthdays for my kids. Sydney, as of 8:37 this morning was 6.5 years away from her entrance to the world in the confines of a cozy OR suite. She is also 6.5 years in the other direction from being a teenager {GULP}. 

She began her day discovery the bounty of the tooth fairy, who was completely taken in my my dental subtrefuge.

We started the celebrations after school with the opening of a gift.
Both kids have been DYING for a Puffle (a la Club Penguin), so Sydney received one and we gave Jackson an advance on his half birthday present (his .5 day is May 23) otherwise we would have had no peace:
We had our usual familial celebratroy Pillsbury Cinamon buns for dessert after dinner:
And one more present for the birthday girl (the Girlie Goo likes her presents):
This is Sydney seeing she got a Zhu Zhu pet:
For the unenlightened, a Zhu Zhu pet is a fake pet hamster which scurries around in a most convincing hamster way.
Very cute actually. 
And it doesn't smell.
Or poo.
Or need to be fed.
All excellent qualities in a  pet.
 They are all the rage for six to eight year olds.  I did not, I will add, get sucked into buy a whole hamster habitat.
I did go for one fetching poolside outfit:
Happy Half Birthday Girlie Goo!


DramaMama86 said...

Konnie, this is a tradition of yours that I truly love -- it's such a neat idea. I kinda wish I had thought of it myself!!

Do other people think you're nuts? I think most people I know would think I had really gone over the edge spoiling Kira, Mercedes and AJ if I did that (not that I would care, of course).

Konnie said...

Yes, other people think I'm nuts. They have plenty of other evidence. It's all about making happy traditions the kids will remember (as opposed to me yelling at them to do their homework).