Monday, March 1, 2010

Resume Life

We now resume our regularly scheduled program life.

Wow. Is this house ever quiet.

I can hear the hum of the refrigerator because I don't hear what I have heard on the TV in the background for the past 17 days.

One of three things
1) Olympic theme music
2) the sound of crowds cheering in whichever event is being (re)played
3) the same #$&*^& commercials.

Is has been a great ride and as you can tell by my posts, we have soaked it up. But I am not sad that it is over.

It's a lot of work you know, getting up every day and tracking which events are coming on which channel and when. CTV had three main channels with the coverage, never mind checking out what was going on with the NBC coverage.

And we can only tape 2 channels on our PVR on the HD TV so it required some careful calculations of what to watch, what to tape and when to fit in a bathroom break. I mean what do you do when you've got a curling semi-final, women's figure skating and freestyle aerials all happening AT THE SAME FREAKIN' TIME.

My blood pressure can take only so many photo finishes in skating, so many extra ends of curling and so many overtime periods of hockey.

I need to refocus my attention on household chores. Like laundry. I need to wash our matching Olympic uniforms which we have been wearing more than public health officials would recommend.

And the cleaning. The only things that have had any attention in this area are ones that are in view of the TV when we guiltily loading the dishwasher while watching the Nordic combined events. However, my nemesis, the kitchen table, which is in full view of the TV is piled high with papers and craft projects from the past 2 weeks.

And we have outsourced the parenting of our kids to the computers. While Husband and I juggled channels in the next room, the kids have squatters rights on the computers. Sydney perched herself permanently in front of Husband's laptop in the dining room and Jackson hung his shingle at the den (my!!) computer. They were actually playing Club Penguin, which is one of those online community places for kids, so they were actually playing together on line. They would discover some great new place and scream to each other in the next room. Really, they were pretty good sports about letting us watch the crucial Finland vs. Slovakia hockey games and the important ranking race between 7th and 8th in the 1000 metre race in long track speed skating.

And my biggest job, keeping this family organized, has gone off the rails. I used to think that I could do this in my sleep but last week I neglected to send in a permission slip for a field trip for Sydney and had to be asked for it! That never happens. And this morning I sent the kids to school without their lunches, so now I have to make a special trip to school to drop them off.

Tomorrow I'm up at 6 to catch the train downtown. I'd like to think it will be business as usual but my office is on the ground zero block of the Olympic celebrations. I heard on the news that the entire downtown core smells of beer.

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