Wednesday, March 31, 2010


We are at the midpoint of our 10 day spring break.  Yesterday, I got to escape the insanity of home for the insanity of the office.  Today, I needed a plan.  Some structure. Some activities.

Enter, start with $2.97 of Easter colouring supplies and some eggs:
Add two enthusiastic egg-colourers in paint shirts:
And VOILA, coloured eggs.
And some less than happy egg colourers. 
One of us (Mr. Head-in-the-clouds) spilled a bowl of water. Another of us (Ms. Rule-follower), suggested that standing on top of the chair was the way the spill happened. The first of us ran upstairs in a huff.  The last of us (Ms. Obsessed-with-photographing-everything) tried to instill peace and calm so she get get a picture of the eggs and their makers:
Well, at least we're ready for Easter!

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