Friday, February 5, 2010

Tales from the Twilight Zone

It's February 5th and I know so many are wondering how things are going in this fresh month in our house. My lack of blogs, based on the month of January, might mean I have fled the jurisdiction or finally lost my last strand of sanity and am recuperating in a "spa". But I have one word about how February is going:


I guess that might be two words. Or three.

First of all we got through a Monday with no casualties. No time outs. No loss of consequences. This, to put it mildly, is a reversal of fortunes. Of course the lad did get all of his screens back (TV, computer, Wii) except for the DS so perhaps that put him in a good frame of mind. I did give him a few conditions, which he wasn't pleased about, but importantly, he didn't freak out.

And Mondays are generally dicey because the J Boy has to sit through 45 of his sister's dance class this week WITH NO DS TO ENTERTAIN HIM. And I made him study extra spelling because he got 3 wrong last week due to his lack of focus. Then it's home for a little free time, then dinner, then his soccer skills class.

He almost lost it when playing on the Wii and it was Sydney's turn to pick a game and she chose one randomly (eenie-meenie-miney-mo) and the wrong one, in his humble opinion, came up. He stormed off and last week he would have upset all the furniture not nailed down. This week he came back and said to his sister "can you choose another game randomly?" and Sydney said "ok" and that was that.

He also briefly refused to go to soccer but he begged to play one more game on Mario Kart Wii and I said he could if he RAN to the van for soccer after (last week I would not have been so flexible). He played his game and bolted to the car.

And in the car on the way to soccer, I heard his chipper little voice telling me about his day. About how much he likes soccer and what he wants to do afterward. His charming self was back. Last week, I don't think I heard that voice at all. Or if I did I was still stewing from the defiance, disrespect and discombobulation.

And I thought it was a fluke but Tuesday, after work in a fairly tight time period, he WILLINGLY did his spelling AND GOT ALL THE WORDS RIGHT. And the words were hard: "unbelievable" "achievement". I actually had to look up that last one to make sure he had spelled it correctly in his planner.

The strangeness continued on Wednesday with he AGAIN got all his spelling words right on the first go. He repeated that feat on Thursday. And we had no meltdowns, toys turned into missiles or even very many uncivil words.

It's not that the boy hasn't had the odd tough moment. But, and here is the important thing: he coped. He got upset, frustrated, mad or disappointed and pulled himself back from the ledge.

But really the icing on the cake came this morning, Friday. I was my usual Friday lazy self and hauled my ever expanding carcass out of bed at 7:45. At 7:50 I went to wake the kids. Sydney was in the bathroom already half dressed. Usually, she would be in bed and I have to carry her downstairs and bring down her clothes. It was a good start to the day.

I went to wake Jackson and find out that he too is up. Unusual, but not unheard of. I go downstairs and give him his clothes, which I do every morning (and then ask him 18 times to put them on).

He says to me "Mommy, I'm dressed".

And he was. EVEN SOCKS, which is usually something I usually have to run up two flights of stairs for when I'm trying to get the kids into the van. His feet are seemingly allergic to socks and even though I've given him some most mornings he doesn't put them on. Or has put them on and taken them off and I can't find them. Or he is only wearing one.

He says "and I brushed my teeth.".

Seriously, it's not even eight yet. I don't start haranguing about teeth-brushing until at least 8:15. What am I supposed to do with myself?

This IS what Twilight zones are made of. And I love every minute.

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