Thursday, February 11, 2010

Olympic Fever

Anyone who thinks the Olympics are a big waste of money or huge inconvenience might want to tune out of my blog for the next 16 days.

We are kind of Olympic freaks when it's in China. Or Japan. So when it's in our backyard, you might say we're a little excited.

I have always LOVED the Olympics. The first Olympics I remember are the 1976 summer Olympics. In Canada.  Montreal to be exact. I was staying with my Grandparents in Winnipeg and watched it all day long. My grandmother used to love watching the weight lifters, I preferred the diving, but all of it was exciting.

In 1980, the year I graduated high school, the Moscow Olympics were boycotted. We studied that ALL YEAR LONG in social studies.  I have watched every Olympics since then.

In 1988, the winter Olympics were in Calgary, a mere 3 hour drive away. I stayed about half the Olympics with friends and soaked up all the atmosphere I could. I thought this was a once in a lifetime deal.  How happy I am to have been wrong.

In 2000 Husband and I were newly married, and the Sydney Olympics were not conducive to the west coast time zone. So we moved our bed to the living room and fell asleep with the TV on, watching and when we got too tired, listening the events.

Today I accompanied Jackson's class to see the torch arrive in our area.  The lighting of the local cauldron happened to be carried by his teacher's husband who is a former Olympian.  It was cold and wet and early and loud but we saw the torch! 

Even if it was on the jumbotron.
You can actually see it on the stage -- that little flicker.

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DramaMama86 said...

Woohoo! How exciting! I love the Winter Olympics too!