Monday, February 8, 2010

Growing Up Girlie

Sydney is growing up before our eyes.  Ever since Christmas, she has lost her last vestiges of toddler-hood.

Sure she still cuddles, and can unpout anyone (including me), but she just seems more like a kid.

It's mostly her tone of voice. It's more matter of fact. And big kiddish.  Less that breathy little girl voice.

She'll say to me "come on, ole Mommy, ole pal" when she's trying to talk me into letting her have more dessert. 

It's not like she's necessarily matured. We still get plenty of tears over ridiculous things. Like if her brother breathes while she's playing Mario Kart, she'll blame him for ruining her race.

But she's growing up before our eyes.

But even I was not prepared for the sight of this:
Sydney got some fake nails (!!!!!) as a favour at a birthday party. She has been pestering me to put them on her.  It's a little too grown up for me.


DramaMama86 said...

HAHAHA omg. Yes, very disconcerting. Like when I found Hannah Montana's "Smart Girl's Guide to Boys" under her pillow last week!!!! (But seriously, Sydney is so cute!)

Konnie said...

Yes, not ready for that one! I think you're gonna have your hands full -- if you don't already.

I've told the kids they can't date until they're 30 and then I will choose their mates. So far they are going along w/ that plan.

Ellie said...

OMG that is so cute. A little creepy, but cute nonetheless. At first, when I saw the picture, I thought that was her real nail! Greta has been writing Greta + Mikey all over the place here and I'm soooo not ready for it.