Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fantasy vs. Reality

I see other parents living the same life they lived before they had kids. They kayak. They ski. They run marathons. Now I actually didn't do any of these things before kids. My point is that somehow other people can get their 2 year old children to sit in the front of a kayak, or go to a ski lesson for 3 hours or sit in a jogging stroller for 10 km every Saturday morning.

I am so not in their league.

Our lives revolve around accommodating the kids eating, sleeping and recreation schedule. We put them in activities that they like or that we think will be good for them. We are home when they need to sleep and for the most part eat. We didn't envelop them into our former lives. They have enveloped us into theirs.

We have tried to make them avid Vancouver Canucks fans. They will occasionally walk in the room while Husband and I are watching a game on TV and will say "Hey Vancouver is winning!!" So I guess they can read the score. But they don't know what a cross checking penalty is, how good a two man advantage is or what "future considerations" mean in a trade.

I went to a dress rehearsal of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and the people across the aisle had a baby. Like a fresh one. I think the umbilical cord may have still been attached. When my kids were that age, my only real feat was changing out of my nursing pyjamas and into sweats. I would never have taken them out where we had to stand in a security lineup for up to two hours and then sit through a 3 hour show.

But my kids getting older, I tell myself (and Husband). They can tolerate a few more adventures than we allow them.  So in fantasyland, I thought they are old enough to join Husband and I, admitted Olympic freaks, for a real live Olympic adventure downtown.

So I acquired 4 tickets to a Victory Ceremony. This is a bit of a show (dancing, fiddling, drums and the like), then the handing out of medals and followed by a concert (Nellie Furtado) or as I told the kids a "real rock concert". (we only planned to stay for a little of the concert.) Fabulous family-friendly bonding event.

We went downtown a few hours before the Ceremony on a sunny Sunday afternoon. The 20 minute train ride was a big hit. The kids were really in the spirit and brought their Olympic mascots.
We went to see the Olympic flame and enjoyed the crowds. We did not entertain standing in long lineups to visit any of the beer tents pavillions. We knew our limits. Or rather the kids'.

Instead we opted for overpriced Chinese food at a food fair. Then, in good time, we headed to BC place for the inevitable security sweep we would have to endure. It all went pretty well and the kids tolerated the wait. We did amuse them by taking a lot of silly photos:

And they endured the dancers and singers, even though we could barely see them from upper seats (we did have a little altitude sickness).

But by the time the medals were to be presented, Jackson was done. Seeing the Canadian flag raised TWICE was no inducement to get him to relinquish his fetal position on the sticky floor of the stadium.

I tried to remain calm. And upbeat. "This is a once in a lifetime chance to see Olympic medals given out!" I said cheerily.

"Good, then I won't ever have to sit through this again" he grumped at me.

In reality, I'm not sure the $25 was well spent on his ticket. So much for fantasy.

But we are nothing if not optomistic. He is going to watch an afternoon of curling with Husband on Friday afternoon. He promises he will enjoy it.

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DramaMama86 said...

Oh Konnie ... I know. ;) It reminds me of a time that my mother and I took Hannah Montana out to see Disney Princesses on Ice (being a huge fan of figure skating, I hoped my daughter would be too). She spent the entire time screaming, "I want to go home! I don't like this at all!"

So much for the chips off the old block, eh?