Sunday, February 21, 2010

Curling Prediction

In gorgeous Vancouver weather, we had tickets to Olympic curling. By a fluke of the ticketing system we ended up with three pairs of curling tickets on three different sessions. So as we wanted to expose the kids to as much of the Olympic experience as we could, Husband and I planned to take each of the kids to a session and the grownups would enjoy  one session.

Now, I know a lot of people think curling is about as legitimate a sport as sun bathing and beer drinking, but in this house we love it. The shooting, the sweeping and the shot making.

Sydney and I were the first to attend the women's curling. Sydney is very good a events boring to mere mortal children. She sat on my lap for significant amounts of time.
She is such an awesome companion. I gave her 1000 kisses on her sweet little face while she sat on my lap, which in light of the cold she came down with a day later, may not have been the best idea.

When she tired slightly of the curling action, she drew the curling rink in her notebook. This took her about 3 ends.
Oh, and the kid has some Canadian spirit. Here she is cheering on the Canadians in the extra end (along with a lot of other Canadians:

Husband and I enjoyed the next session. No Canadians were playing but we enjoyed some high level curling and debated the merits of the come-around versus the in-off. Soaking up the Olympic experience was something to treasure.
In light of Mr. Fetal Position at the Victory ceremonies last weekend, I was not sure about the tolerance of the little boy on his scheduled trip to the rink. We predicted disaster. We tried to talk him out of going, but he promised he would enjoy and not be bored. But, we know this kid is hard wired to boredness.

When he came down with a bad freakin' cold the day before the event, this thing had disaster written all over it. A more tired and cranky and intolerant boy was not exactly conducive to a joyful Olympic experience. The meltdown mania we experienced the night before had Husband and I entirely on edge. And we predicted catastrophe

We loaded up Husband's fanny pack with a notebook, markers, a book, face tattoos, a DS, and candy and crossed our fingers that Jackson could make it through without incident.
Wouldn't you know, when we were expecting the worst, the J Boy loved the curling experience. He asked about the rules, enjoyed the play of the Canadian men scoring a rare 5 stones in one end, and seeing the giant measuring stick coming out once when the human eye could not ascertain which stone was closest. He loved the experience. When the Danes shook hands early due to a commanding Canadian lead, Husband and Jackson snuck out early to get a jump on the crush into transit. Husband barely cracked into his bag of tricks meant to keep the J Boy from noticing how bored he was.

So much for parental predictions.


DramaMama86 said...

It was all about the preparedness! As my mother always says, "better to have and not need than need and not have!" Glad you are having fun. We have been watching quite a bit here in New England ourselves!

Ellie said...

I am so over-the-top jealous you can GO to the Olympics! What incredible, lifelong memories your kids will have, where or not they get bored. Love the pictures, too! You guys look great!