Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Annual Boob Squish

Today I went for my annual boob squishing -- or mammogram. If you've had one, you know what I mean by "boob squishing". If you haven't, I cannot put it into words, but perhaps the cartoon demonstrates.

I didn't have a mammogram until I was about 43 as I was pregnant or breastfeeding for the first couple years of my forties. For the next year after that I was too exhausted dealing with 2 kids to be able to dial the phone to make an appointment.  Admittedly, I could find the energy to dial the phone to order takeout. But that is completely different.

I am late on this year's squish-o-rama. When the reminder notice came last summer to make an appointment, I traded calls. And because this is not exactly something I look forward to, it easily slipped my mind.

To make it fun, some women make a day of it and go for lunch or to the spa. I think that's a fabulous idea: make what can be an uncomfortable experience (and I don't personally find it too intensely bad) into a fun day.  Rather spur of the moment, I had coffee before my appointment with of my "sisters" and lunch afterward. Made for a great morning and I plan to do it again (S, you buy the sushi next time!!)

I only blog about this as I, myelf, occasionally need a reminder to book my appointment.  So if you are you of the female persuasion, 40 or over and not have a boob squishing in the last year, consider yourself prodded.

Oh and I cannot resist adding this:


DramaMama86 said...

Yes - right on, lady, go and get the boob squish. And yes ... I confess mine is overdue as well. And I LOVED the "manogram". Must send that to my girlfriends and my mom!

mags said...

Love the manogram cartoon! i am sneaking that one into Scott's office!

Ellie said...


I just hit the big 4-0. It's time. I had an appointment that I forgot about and never rescheduled.

Thanks for the reminder - I needed it.