Friday, January 1, 2010

A Year in Blogging

Just before Christmas I passed my 2nd Blog-a-versary. I honestly can't believe I kept it up for this long.Thank you to my faithful followers and to those that drop by when they can. 

I am appreciating more and more what my blog gives me. Here is what blogging brought me in 2009:

In January we experienced a Fashion Show.

In February we saw the results When Good Hockey Games Happen to Bad Parents

In March we experienced Twins Day.

In April  I rejoiced over my Mini Feminista and grinded my teeth over Professional Development.

In May, I experienced some Teachable Moments.

In June, I learned (again) about my need to Chill.

In July we visited the Hows and Whys and had a lesson on Death.

In August, I learned about Birthing Babies.

In September I was reminded that Life is an Adventure and how good it feels to say Wish granted to your kids.

In October, I tried to get a little Me Time.

In November I learned the virtues of being Sensitive.

 In December, we worked on vocabulary, in particular, the S Word, the F Word and the H Word.

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