Friday, January 1, 2010


A New Year's toast from all of us:

We enjoyed a fantastic meal made by other people. For Husband and I, our New Year's Eve tradition: Greek. For the kids: pizza.

A family New Year's Eve photo (I tried to make the self-timer work, but I couldn't so we resorted to the hold-the-camera-out-in-front of you trick)

One of our New Year's traditions, begun 10 years ago when Husband and I were newly engaged, is to save one Christmas present for New Year's Eve for each person. We usually try to keep something in the way of entertainment so we can enjoy it that evening:

(I told you Mommies pay attention!)
So we played some games:

And then it was time for dessert.

On Christmas Eve after partaking of the chocolate fondue, Sydney said, in response to remarks on her extremely chocolate-covered face, "I can't help it, I love chocolate".  So my mother gave us the leftover chocolate fondue.

So I bought some fresh fruit for us to enjoy the fondue on New Year's Eve.  I remember as a kid the funnest thing was having fondue and doing the dipping yourself. So, I dusted off the fondue pot and we put this yummy selection on the table. I was pleased we were making such fun for our kids:

Sydney had been sneaking the fresh pineapple from the kitchen as Husband cut it up.

She said to Husband "I'm just going to sneak, two more 'pines' and two bananas and that will be all. I promise."

As if we have some kind of fruit limitation.

"You can have as much as you want." I said. "But you can have it with CHOCOLATE."

"I just want pineapple, but I don't want chocolate" Jackson said as he piled his plate high with pineapple.

"After I finish my fruit, may I have a different treat?" Sydney asked.

They had both LOVED this on December 24th. Why am I convincing them to have dessert?

"Don't you guys remember, we had this at Oma and Opa's??? Your faces were COVERED in CHOCOLATE!!??" I reminded.

"You stole this from Oma?" Sydney asked.

"Oma gave it to us because you said you loved it!"

Jackson said "But there were apples at Oma and Opa's."

"I'll cut up an apple for you" I said.

"I still want a different treat." Sydney said.

"Sydney, you like banana and nutella. This is more chocolatey than nutella. But we are not forcing you to eat chocolate. You can have any treat you want."

Jackson ate one piece of apple with fondue, then said he was full. "I like it Mommy, really I do. It's just that my tummy is full."

Sydney tried the fondue:

By george, I think she's got it!

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