Saturday, January 23, 2010

Compare and Contrast

I exist in a living and breathing laboratory. In so many ways an 8 year old boy could not be more different than a 6 year old girl .

The 8 year old boy has two vocabularies to choose from:

A) things violent: gun, bomb, grenade, bazooka, assassin, kill and blood.

B) things scatological: fart, poo, pee, penis, (and it's many pseudonyms too numerous to mention), butt (and it's many numerous pseudonyms).

A 6 year old girl will most often say things like love, happy, cuddle, friends, play and hugs. Even when she might be less than pleased with something going on, she will use the opposite of these words "I'm unhappy because my friends won't play with me."

So yesterday, I should not have been surprised when the kids, with extra time on their hands, made the following artistic creations -- I'll let you figure out who created which:

My birthday is not until April, but the Girlie Goo is planning ahead!

You can see what we're up against!

Sydney promised me just today that she would always love fairies, princesses, unicorns and rainbows and would never use toilet in a compound noun (toilethead, toiletface, toiletbutt, toiletbreath).

And then Jackson came over while she was playing a Tinkerbell game on her DS and after watching two fairies race around some daisy petals, he said "ouch, she got it right in the kiwis".

I hate when their worlds collide.


Ellie said...

OMG!! TOO FUNNY! A little something for me to look forward to, I guess... :)

Konnie said...

Won't be long Ellie!