Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cell Phone Dominos

Husband gifted me a new cell phone for Christmas. Well, the gift was researching reviews and actually picking it up and bringing it home since we largely had enough credits on our phone plan to pay for it. He was tired of having cell phone conversations with me that went like this:

Him: ---------------------
Me: Did you say something?
Him: ----------------------
Me: I can't hear you.
Him: I ---- - ---- ---- --- later.
Me: Can you speak louder?
Him: I SAID - ---- ---- --- LATER
Me: Can you yell?

You might say my phone had a volume problem. Or that I had a hearing problem. But when I used Husband's phone, which is identical to mine, I always said "this is so cool, you can hear the person on the other end!". So I deduced it was the phone and not me.

I probably could have done something about it when the phone was newer, as it only worked for a few months (and this says something of how great a Husband I have. Had HE had the same problem I was have pestered him until he (a) got a new phone or (b) stopped calling me.) But after 2 years, any warranty will have expired. As you might guess, we are not heavy cell phone users. We mostly call each other, and more often text since I will know what Husband is trying to say to me. We have free calls and texts between our two phones.

Anyway, Husband got me a lovely Samsung slider phone for Christmas. Yesterday I called him from a bus stop on a busy street, a feat I would not have tried in the last 2 years on the no-volume jobbie. He said to me "Wow it's loud, where are you?" And I said, "at the bus stop. But hey, I can hear you?"

So my old phone, absent SIM card, has been sitting on our desk since New Year's Eve when I opened my new phone gift (which also came with car charger which will help address my other cell phone related issue, having the thing charged up when I might actually need it). The old phone is not really worth anything, but we're keeping it for spare parts for Husband's. Not worth anything, unless you are 8 years old, I mean.

Yesterday while I was at my night class, Husband, in the context of some such thing, gave the old phone to Sydney. By the time I came home, it belonged to Jackson.

Jackson proudly showed me his new cell phone when I got home. I thought this was at the very least good because he seemed to have forgotten, even for a few minutes, now that he has a cell phone, that he does NOT have an iTouch or a DSi, which, according to him every kid in his class has at least one of each.

"Cool" I said as he flipped the screen open. "Can you play any games?"

"No" Husband said tensely in a hoarse whisper from across the room "it has no SIM card ..."

You see all the phone will do is:

a) turn on
b) turn to vibrate mode
c) turn off
d) give message that SIM card must be inserted
e) play a 10 second video advertising Sony products

But that was enough for the J Boy to feel like he had a cell phone. Until I mentioned about the $#^$!@!*^ games. He reluctantly went back up to his room.

Ten minutes later, he asked if we would buy him a SIM card.

Twenty minutes later he asked us why we wouldn't buy him a SIM card.

Thirty minutes later he asked if we would let him buy his own SIM card.

This morning he resumed the SIM card request assault while in the car at school. We were uncharacteristically early and had a few minutes to chat. He used the time to try to chip away at me and described in full volume why he NEEDED a SIM card. He said, in this context,: "Daddy, gave me the phone, you know."

"Actually, I heard Daddy gave Sydney the phone."

"Well, she gave it to me."

"Sydney, you don't have to keep giving your stuff to Jackson even if he wants it. You can say no to him."

"But he promised he'd buy me my own cell phone!"

"Plus" Jackson added, "she said she'd give it to me if I put my hand in the toilet. Which I did, so the phone is mine."

"Remind me to never shake hands with you."

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