Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bracing for Impact

The Christmas break is over for another year. Tomorrow, it is back to real life. 

I have had every Monday off for over 8 years.  For 3.5 years I was home with the kids. I have worked halftime for almost 5 years but never worked a Monday. Until tomorrow.  Long story, but work requires it.  This means I don't have my usual soft landing  into the week where the kids go back to school and I have one day to salvage what sanity I may have left and try to dig out from under mount washmore.  This week we are all being thrown into the deep end.

That meant I had to arrange a babysitter for after school tomorrow. Someone who could drive Sydney to her hip hop class and deal with the J Boy in potentially fragile state the first day back.  I ended up with a complicated plan where Jackson is going to a friends while our sitter takes Sydney to dance.  I will have an insanely busy day. And then another one on Tuesday. 

But it is 9:30 p.m. and the house is sufficiently clean that I won't be embarrassed that our babysitter is here. Huband is playing MarioKart on the Wii without the advice of the two usual drivers as he attempts to unlock a new course.  I am sipping the last of the New Year's wine (one bottle, but we know how to make it last) and bracing for impact.

And I reflect back on the 10 or so days I was at home.

My List of things to do this holiday:

Organize my closet: UNDONE
Organize craft area of basement: UNDONE
Combine purses/wallets (I've got 4 purse and 2 wallets going and I never have what I need): UNDONE

List of things not on my to do list but accomplished:

Played Monopoly Jr.: 23 times
Played Stratego: 3 times
Played Sorry: 7 times
Played Wii: countless games and countless times
Stayed in pyjamas all day: at least half the time
Movies seen in theatre: 1
Movies seen at home: 4
Cookies, chocolates overindulged on: countless
Puzzles done: 1
Separated the bickersons: 2,359 times
Said "would you guys give me a freakin' break": 11,748
Cuddles with Jackson: 5,728
Cuddles with Sydney: 1,249,834,598,173,441,987
Times listened to fake belching: 1,249,834,598,173,441,987

All in all, I call it a success. But I am not unhappy about them going to school tomorrow. I will brace for the calls from school about the inappropriateness of fake belching in music class.

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