Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pet Peeve Alert

Today, I could write about how the kids are fraying my last nerve or how I need to get the house tidied or how Jackson simply cannot spell hospitalized in the traditional way as is required in grade 3 spelling tests.

But instead, I'll unload on something trivial. 

I got a notice from the school today that they are doing a food drive for the needy in our community.  While I do get a little tired of the school dictating making suggestions as to where my charitable dollars could go, I actually like this idea. 

It is a great opportunity to remind the kids that many kids don't have a proper meal every day. Kind of put the complaints about lack of computer games in perspective.  They call this the "10 Days of Christmas" and the kids bring something every day for 10 days with a grocery category assigned to each day. For example on any given day "breakfast foods" or "baby items" might be assigned. So each day the kids bring something for 10 days.

My pet peeve is that I swear this is the fourth year in a row they are giving us two days notice of this in the middle of the week.  It's a complete fallacy to think that I would have much food on hand that would fit into the categories (and I need it times 2) especially when this starts on Thursday and my normal shopping day is Friday.

I actually like to make a point of going shopping with the kids so that they can pick things out. Makes it more personal.  A 48 hour window does not give me much time to shop with the Bickersons (remember, last frayed nerve?).

Now, one might point out that the FOURTH year in a row, I might fairly be expected to remember.  I did, kind of.  In fact yesterday I thought to myself  "I guess they are not doing the food drive this year".  As soon as I saw the email I had flashbacks of mid week shopping trip to the closest and most expensive grocery store.

But I will get my eye back on the ball because I know that there are kids that are hungry and mothers and fathers who can't feed them and that is something that is hard to comprehend.  And that is the important non trivial thing.

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