Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Other S Word

Jackson had something newswothy the other day.

J: Mommy do you know about the other S word? [the first S word being stupid]

H: [trying to figure out what S word he has learned.]  Umm...

J: You know, shit. Have you even heard of that?

H: [incredulous that he has never heard me say that] Yes.

J: What does that even mean?

Me: Well, it's a crude word for poo.

J: So you're saying poo is a swear word?

Me: No. I'm saying the S word, which is a crude word for poo, is a swear word.

J: Well if poo isn't a swear word than the S word can't be. THEY MEAN THE SAME THING.

Me: Well it's the crude version that we aren't supposed to say. If it makes it easier then we can just not ever say poo either...

J: Okay so we have the S word, the A word and the D word.

Me: Where did you learn about the new S word.

J: At school.

Me: From whom?

J: From X

Me: He swears?? [that's one of the least likly boys I would have thought might swear]

J: He swears ALL THE TIME. He says  the S word, the A word and the D word.

Me: Do you ever swear?

J: Only at home.

Me: When have you ever said a swear word?

J: I just said it a few minutes ago.

Me: That doesn't count as swearing when you're asking Mommy and Daddy about a word. You can always ask us about words and it won't count as swearing.

And so came the swear word amnesty clause. Now I'm waiting to hear about the C word and the F word.

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Ellie said...

The D word? I'm racking my brain to figure out what it could be... I have several possibilities in mind but I'm fairly sure they weren't what he meant.....