Wednesday, December 2, 2009


In October:

Me: So, have you guys heard of the H1N1?

Jackson: Yeah, kids were talking about it at school.

Me: It's nothing to be afraid of. It's a flu where you feel really bad for a few days. We're going to get shots so we hopefully won't get it.

Jackson: How does a shot stop you from getting it?

Me [wishing I had medical research scientist Husband around for back up]: Well they put dead virus in the vaccine and they inject it into your body. You body creates antibodies to the H1N1 virus and thinks you've already had it [hoping that I am even close]

Jackson: What?

Me: You get injected with dead vaccine and it tricks you body into thinking you have already had it and then you won't get it.

Jackson: That would be SOOOOO cool. Sydney, we're going to have shots that trick our bodies!!

Sydney: I don't want a shot.

One Week Later:

Jackson: Mommy, guess what we learned about in Sunday School. There was this guy, and he was really sick with the H1N1 and Jesus healed him. [pause] Actually it may not have been the H1N1.

Me: Was it leprosy?

Jackson: Yeah! Which is worse, leprosy or H1N1?

Me: Leprosy.

Jackson [disappointed]: Oh.

Two Weeks Later:

Jackson: Mommy, I told everyone at school that you have the H1N1.

Me: I have the sniffles.

Jackosn [disappointed]: Oh.

Three Weeks Later:

Me: We're going to try and get you guys the H1N1 vaccine today.

Jackson [pumping fist]: YES!!! [chanting] we're-gonna-trick-our-bodies-we're gonna-trick-our-bodies

One Hour Later:

Jackson: why is there blood coming out of Sydney's arm?


Jackson: Sydney, it's not that bad, we tricked our bodies. I think I can feel my body being tricked.

Two Weeks Later:

Sydney [looking at our very sick fish in aquarium.]: I think Anna has the H1N1

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