Sunday, December 20, 2009

The H Word

The kids have been busy punnishing me for buying Christmas decorations at the dollar store. For weeks I have been looking for Christmas decorations in green or silver for my matchy-matchy Christmas. Believe it or not, not much have I found. But then, when I was getting silver and green napkins at the dollar store, I found this handsome set of reindeer. Perfect for my holiday table.

But like many things acquired from the dollar store, the quality is spotty. These silver fellows shed their glitter.  Everywhere.

So this afternoon, the only acceptable activity to the J Boy that did not involve fondling presents under the tree, was playing with the reindeer. I allowed this activity only by securing the the kids' solemn yet empty promise to vaccum up the glitter when they were done.

Of course like many games these days, they end in tears.  Sydney was crying up a storm. She is a trifle more (if that is possible) sensitive as she's got the sniffles.  What usually elicits tears is Jackson tyrannically running whatever game they are playing and she can't choose, say, where the sheddy reindeer will go or what they will do.  Or some variation on that theme.

So I took the Girlie Goo on my lap and tried to distract her from her tears.  It took a while, but a little talk of Christmas and she composed herself to tell me (still in tears) why she was crying.

"Jackson won't let my reindeer go to hell!!!!" she wailed.

And so comes another word on the banned list of words.  Jackson assures me that he knows many more.  I now know what 8 years old talk about at recess.

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