Saturday, December 12, 2009

The F Word

Jackson: Mommy, I know about a video on YouTube that is VERY inappropriate.

Me: Oh?

Jackson: Yeah, there's this guy and he gets shot. And then he says the F word.

Sydney: What's the F word?

Me: Umm

Jackson: Umm

Sydney: Oh I know. Is it F-A-T?

[I have been giving her more polite synonyms for fat recently]

Jackson: Well, that is the girl's F word. The boys have a separate one.

Sydney: Really?

Me: Really?

Jackson: Yes, because boys don't care about being fat. Girls do. So the boys have a separate F word.

Sydney: I don't care about being fat.

Jackson: Yeah, I don't either.

Me: Both of you are skinny!

Sydney: We are?

Jackson: I wouldn't care if I was fat.

Sydney: Me either.

Where do I even begin?

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