Sunday, December 20, 2009

December Baby

I married into a family of December birthdays.  Notably in the 5 days before Christams we have 4 birthdays. Husband's is today. 

It adds a certain challenge to the schedule, but I try not to hold this against Husband as he had almost no choice as to when his day of birth would be.   I also make a point not to say as I'm handing him a Christmas present "Oh yeah, that's for your birthday too."

So this morning, we had a traditional family birthday breakfast of calorie-laden breakfast sweets and the tradition parental birthday picture.  And a few presents.

Husband and I are now impatiently awaiting the babsitter so we can go to the Vancouver Canucks game and escape this hyperactive nuthouse covered in reindeer glitter.

Happy Birthday Husband!

(and so we enter my favourite time of year, the 3 month period when Husband is only 4 and not 5 years younger than me.)

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