Monday, December 21, 2009

The Christmas Ticker

The ticker. For years, financial tickers have broadcasted the ups and downs of the stock market.

Sports tickers have picked up on this and so when I might want the occasional NHL hockey score, all I have to do is turn to my favourite sports channel, and watch the NBA scores, the NFL scores, NCAA basketball, NCAA football, European soccer. Then, finally the hockey scores will be due up and then they'll go to commercial break and upon their return the tickers do not pick up where they left off. It will invariably go to NBA scores and I'll go through the whole thing again.

Since the advent of CNN, the news ticker has become something of a phenomenon. There will be a panel discussing, say how the new U.S. health care reform has a secret agenda to kill seniors. And the ticker will scroll through the news headlines with pressing news that everyone must know, like the fact that a party hostess in Omaha, Nebraska says that she had an affair with Tiger Woods and has a text message to prove it.

I have come up with this whole hypothesis about why I am so bloody exhausted in December. While it might be fair to blame it on a lot of running around, poorer eating habits more events to attend, I have a more plausible explanation: the Christmas ticker.

I, like most Moms, have a constant ticker scrolling in my head of things to do, buy, organize, think about or remember. It goes something like this:

must find cute picture for Christmas photo to send to everyone must make sure Jackson has scarf mitts and hat for Christmas concert dress rehearsal on Monday must confirm babysitter for Saturday night must email colleagues about group gift for assistant must buy green and silver napkins for family dinner don't forget to find one more stocking stuffer for Sydney -- I wonder if she will figure out the whole Santa thing if I give her a craft set that we have left over from Jackson's birthday crap, my Christmas cards are going to be late. Again. Would be nice if I could bake cookies with the kids one day next week. I wonder if I have enough eggs? I should check online status of my order from ToysRUs, it should have been here by now. What will I do if it doesn't come?? I'll have to come up with back up plan. When am I going to wrap all the gifts??? Jackson is going to bed after 11 every night! Why don't I start earlier with the Christmas cards? I have to find some activities to do with the kids when they're off school next week or they will drive me crazy. I wonder what time the school Christmas concert is at?? I have 7 p.m. written on the calendar but I could have sworn I heard it was 6:30. Do I have enough stocking stuffers?? I must remember to buy the ingredients for the stuffing for Christmas Day. I wonder when I should make it??

I think I'll go take a nap now. Except, I need to see where I can find that book Jackson wants, and I need to email my Mom about Christmas eve, and I need to talk to Husband about possibly going skating one day next week ...

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