Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

The Christmas festivities for us begin at 4 pm on Christmas Eve with my family and the annual family Christmas Eve artery clogging party.

But first I present to you Jackson and Sydney in their Christmas outfits:

We all tuck into incredible Swiss Cheese fondue with fresh french bread for dinner! Well for the adults. The kids had chicken fingers.

We then attend family-oriented church service and then back to Oma and Opa's for some present unwrapping.  We all sit in family groups (note to reader: camera adds 25 pounds):

And we unwrap a few gifts:

The most engaging part of the whole night is the kids discover a large sheet of bubble wrap (note to self: one roll of bubble wrap for each kid next Christmas)

After presents, we inhale enjoy chocolate fondue. Really, it's mostly fruit. Plus, isn't chocolate heart healthy? (note to self: do not schedule cholesterol test until well AFTER Christmas). 

The chocolate has the expected result on 5 already-hyped up children.  There was wrestling, chasing and screaming.  And that was just the parents trying to regain control. I implemented the first ever grandchildren-yoga class.  A few dog and cat stretches seemed to ratchet down the excitement and the noise to be merely ear-splitting.  The kids decided to do some yoga stretching, train-style.

Lots of family time! (note to reader: those wrinkles are added by the camera.)

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Ellie said...

Great pictures! LOVE the Christmas yoga. I'm totally using that one next year.

And the bubble wrap idea. I could have saved a bundle if I just bought some freaking bubble wrap.... !

Happy Holidays!