Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

Before I get into chapter and verse of Christmas Day, may I present the kids and their Christmas '09 pyjamas. I was off on the sizes and both will likely be wearing them well into middle school:

The whole Santa thing this year was a little more dicey than usual. Usually I can count on Santa knowing that he needs to bring a cool gift or two but let we, the parents, also have a little Christmas glory. Husband and I splurged on a Wii as a family gift. Santa, with all his omniscience, had some Wii games in his sack for Jackson and Sydney.

Sydney was a little inconsistent on whether she wanted a Wii and so Santa hedged his bets and decided to give her a Nintendo DS game, Lego Batman.

On the last day of school, the kids came home with responses to their letters to Santa. And it was then that I learned that Jackson had asked for the Lego Batman game. Sydney had asked for a different DS game that Jackson was given for his birthday. I think that the Santa-letter-writing-day at school was only hours after Jackson's birthday and his sharing of his new game (which is a prerequisite to living in this house) at the time was nonexistent inconsistent. She wanted her own. Santa knows better than to buy two games for the same house.

Now Santa generally likes to surprise children, but I do know that he likes to bring at least one thing on their list. Fortunately for Santa, Jackson also asked for a book, which also fortunately was still in stock the week before Christmas.

In addition to the duplicate DS game Sydney wanted Barbies. Now I am pretty sure that either Sydney couldn't think of anything different to ask for, or the person sitting next to her wanted a Barbie as she has about 5 Barbies, which I realize for most 6 year old girls, is a meager amount. But she rarely plays with them, even though last year Santa was thoughtful enough to bring her a Barbie cruise ship/airplane deal that I thought was pretty cool. And at her class birthday party this year she got an additional 3 or 4 Barbies that are stashed under my bed as I want to either give them away or re-gift them.

So Santa decided that a Barbie outfit or two would be in order, not knowing that downtown (where he was situated that week) none of the stores that carry toys had any, and you can't pay Santa enough to go to Toys R Us on December 22. So on December 24th one of the elves found a Barbie sticker book to add to the Santa pile. The entire haul looked like this:

I gave way too much some thought to the timing of the gifts. Since the Santa gifts are unwrapped and at the fireplace on Christmas morning, and the Daddy-Mommy gifts are wrapped and opened after breakfast, the whole Wii games presented a conundrum. What would Jackson think when he got Wii games for Christmas and we don't have a Wii??

I solved this problem by leaving the kids this note with the Wii gift wrapped just outside their bedroom doors:

It was a good plan. I knew that Sydney could not read all the words, but I did not consider it even remotely likely that she would get up before Jackson. And I was right.

Jackson got up at 7:55, read the note and dutifully went back to bed. At 7:58, having heard him read the note aloud, I poked my head outside our door and told him to come to our bed as we waited for Sydney. Jackson had checked on Sydney and thought she was conscious. So Jackson and I chatted in our bed and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a petite figure leap over the Wii box and charge downstairs.

Her going downstairs to see the gifts UNDOCUMENTED by camera, is really unacceptable in my world view. So I screamed "SYDNEY!!!! NO!!!!" And Jackson did the same. And well, the two of us can be kind of loud, yelling in stereo.

Sydney ran back upstairs into her room, dove under her covers and collapsed into a heap of sobs.

I scooped her up and brought her to the parental bed as Jackson and Daddy brought the big wrapped box to our room. After a lot of reassurance that it was MY fault that I hadn't made it clear that she is to WAIT for Mommy and Daddy to go downstairs, she collected herself sufficiently to open the Wii box (tears still apparent):

And with Mommy installed with her camera, here is how Christmas 2009 played out:

In case you can't make the link work, Jackson is jumping up and down like a crazy boy because he got a Wii game (I Spy Ultimate) that he has wanted for about 3 years.  Before he knew what a Wii was, he wanted one just so he could play that game.  Sydney trailed after him trying to show that she got Lego Batman and is rewarded with a "hey, I wanted that".  Anyway, it made all  the machinations that have kept me awake all month worth it.

And the rest of the morning unfolded like this:

My absolute favourite moment was that Jackson was after Jackson had looked at all the Santa things, what he was soooo excited about was the book he got and insisted on sitting down and reading it with me.

The remainder of the morning was spent setting up the Wii (Husband), playing the Wii (the kids) and blogging, reading coffee and making stuffing for Christmas dinner (me). Mid afternoon we left Wii-ville and went to join Husband's family for a rambunctious night of turkey with all the trimmings and a few games.

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