Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 in Review

It has been quite a year! See how the kids look so much older by the end of the year!
(Forgive me, I couldn't choose only a few!)

A winter wonderland in January (in our backyard):

Sydney laces on the skates:

Jackson gets his green belt in tae kwan do (and later his purple belt):

Kids play fashion show (you should have seen our closet when they were done!):

Spring break at Great Wolf Resort:

New bikes in spring!:

A spring wedding!:

Spring means lots of trips to the playground!:

Sydney takes up soccer:

Girls' weekend in Whistler!:

Activity Day at school:

Mommy and Sydney enjoy the last morning at home while Sydney is home ( next September, grade 1,sniff):

Last day of school (with next year's school supplies):

Last day of school celebration (or in our case, steeling ourselves for summer):

Canada Day:
Bike camp:

Trip to the beach:

Father and son:

Summer vacation at Cultus Lake:

Summer Day Camp (while the grown ups golfed):

First day of school (grade 1 and 3):

A little Sheryl,Neil and Sarah by the sea (Crow/Young/MacLachlan outdoor concert):


Sydney turns 6!:

Halloween (good vs. evil):

Jackson turns 8!:

Christmas '09:

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