Saturday, November 14, 2009

Road Trip

I am going on a road trip. A work conference. Four sleeps away from the homestead and the pressures of spelling practice, the obligations of the kitchen and the mania of our weekly schedule. Sounds like heaven even if I will have to have my head in the Income Tax Act for 4 days.

Husband is mosting filling in for me. He'll work from home, and some shorter days at that. He'll be both of us. To assist him in this feat, I prepared notes for each day I'll be gone.

Husband is very hands on with the kids, and has no allergy to the day-to-day hard work of running a household. But certain things I take care of all the time. I work half time so it's part of the deal. I work halftime to make the family life less nutty so I handle certain things.

So I am reconciled to either nightly hour long phone conversation with Husband to remind him when library books are due and which days are gym days OR making long lists of things to do each day. I figure the latter will be the easiest on both of us.

And so I have a day-to-day plan, which is plenty complicated. Activities, car pools and even some childcare for my friends' kids (we trade each week).
But of all weeks, the following only-happy-once-a-year are falling in the only 4 days I am away during the week all year:

1. Stuffie day at school for Sydney. MUST remember to solicit her agreement as to which stuffie and ensure it goes in backpack and remind Sydney that it is there (She tends to forget something is in her backpack and then tells us that WE forgot).

2. Jackson's class is performing on Tuesday at an assembly. This requires "funky clothes". That is negotiating them and getting him to put them on.

3. Swimming lesson registration. Well this we do 3 times a year but Wednesday registrations open and this is a must-do on that day. This requires figuring out when lessons will fit in our schedule, finding our internet access numbers plus actually remembering to register around 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

4. Confirmation of Jackson's birthday party. A mere day after I return we have Jackson's birthday. At a theatre. Because they only set the movie times on Monday night we won't know the exact time. And when may bump the party plus or minus an hour and some kids may not be able to come. So email must go out informing of the time and responses must be monitored and then the final number given to the theatre.
5. Sydney need to have her costume measurements done for her dance class. This is for the year-end recital, which is of course just around the corner on June 23.
So I have made the master list. I have the special clothes, copies of emails with details and swimming schedules at the ready for Husband to make a go of it. I'm sure he'll do great.

Fortunately I am going to a gorgeous resort in the wilderness. And they have a spa. And I have 10 hours of flying time to make lists for when I get back.

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