Monday, November 23, 2009

The Perfect Number: 8

The J Boy has officially lived 8 years on the planet. Sydney and I began his day by singing happy birthday to him. He gave us both a warm hug tht melted my heart. He gave me a great gift in that he not only complied with all my unreasonable morning requests (get dressed, brush your teeth) but he failed to notice that we left his box of brand new Star Wars toys at Oma and Opa's last night so we had no extra curricular meltdowns.

He of course spent his day at school but I brought cookies for the class to celebrate and he received many well wishes from his classmates and teachers.

The birthday boy was most excited about our family dinner at Red Robin's tonight as he knew he was getting a new DS game for his birthday. The reason he knew this is that the last few weeks when he's been particularly obstinate about any number of issues I have threatened to take away his DS and added "I happen to know that you're getting a new game for your birthday and if would be a real shame if you couldn't play it for a whole week". I have milked that one significantly.

Yesterday he started a casual cross examination over which game it might be. After a dozen "no comments" I told him that it wasn't a game that he had talked about. Which was a blatant lie. It's one he talked about very much: Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.

Today I could not resist the urge to wind him up further.

"Jackson, wouldn't it be cool to have a DS game where you could actually grow a garden? And then after you grew all the vegetables, you could make a salad?"

That gave him pause for concern. Fortunately for me Jackson had forgotten very similar hi jinx that I had pulled on Sydney's birthday.

Later I let it "slip" that the game was "Garden Mania", and then berated myself that I could not keep a secret. I lamented that I would never be a spy.

I did reassure him and Daddy and I checked out the game and it was a great one for 8 year olds.

"Do you know how the game works? Are you sure it's good for 8 year olds?" he queried.

Later he astutely asked me "did you read about the game from the people that made it or the interviewers?" The kid knows a thing about impartiality vs. self interested promotion.

"The reviewers", I reassured him.

All the subtrefuge was all worth it:
Dinner was quiet as Sydney tried to learn as much as she could:
A little birthday dessert:

The J Boy.

And now:

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Amy Allred said...

Happy Birthday!!! What a great story and pictures!