Friday, November 6, 2009

Not Up and Down

A few weeks ago I was driving the kids home from an activity and the kids were engaging in one of their favourite past times - comparing family members.

They love to rank the four of us in just about anything: whose birthday is earliest in the year, who owns the most princesses, who likes cleaning the house the most. (Mommy always ranks the highest on that one.)

On this occasion they were talking about who was the smallest in the family.

"I'm the smallest, then Jackson, the Mommy, then Daddy" Sydney proclaimed.

"No" Jackson corrected, "it goes Sydney, me, Daddy, Mommy."

"I'm the OLDEST. Daddy is the biggest."

"Daddy is the tallest, but you are the biggest."

"Daddy is taller than me, and he weighs more than me. How can I be the biggest?"

I can't believe we are having this conversation.

"Daddy is tallest. That is up and down. But BIGGEST is side to side. And you are the biggest side to side." He added for emphasis "Mommy I'm not talking up and down, I'm talking side to side."

Just for the record, that is not true. And even if it was, those are childbearing hips and should hardly count.

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