Saturday, November 28, 2009

Math Brain

I have always had a head for numbers. I always did well in math, it has served me well being a tax lawyer and most especially balancing my cheque book.

Yesterday I was in Jackson's class for "not-so-noisy-math". A few parents play math games with the kids with a view to increasing their facility with numbers.

The game of choice yesterday was rolling dice, making two digit numbers and adding them up. So eventually they are adding up a 3 digit number and a 2 digit number.

The grade three's had a white board to work out the answers or they could use a hundred's chart. I had to do it in my head. Generally this was not too hard for me as the grade three triple digit addition is emerging so I had time to work out the answer. But one girl in the class was pretty quick and did it in her head. She was adding 126 and 43.

"169" she said as the teacher watched on.

"Not quite" I said.

"159?" she tried.

"Yes!" I was impressed with this kid's skills.

But it didn't seem right. "I think that's right", I said, trying to remember what numbers she was adding so I could double check.

"Actually, I think it is 169" the teacher said.

Apparently my addition skills are also emerging.

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