Saturday, November 21, 2009

Halfway to Driving a Car

Jackson will turn 8 on Monday. Today was his big birthday party. Last year I researched, phoned and negotiated to try to get a party in place for the J Boy and just barely managed to sneak it in a movie birthday party at the end of November.

This year, I took no prisoners and started talking enthusiastically about a movie party to Jackson in October. Fortunately the good folks at Teletoon were my unwitting accomplices. They have been playing a trailer for the movie Planet 51 since Mother's Day. It's pretty much your 8 year old dream movie: aliens, slapstick humour and toxic pee. Jackson postured a little, and pretended he was considering a bowling birthday for about a day before he bit from the Mommy apple. About a nanosecond later, I had the party booked.

We even worked on the guest list early. I had thought this might be the year to go with maybe just 3 friends, but he had other ideas. So we invited his 3 cousins in his approximate age range and a half dozen kids from school.

I went simple with the cupcakes:

I assembled the goodie bags. In shameless gender stereotyping I went with Star Wars for the boys (purchased early and on sale!):

And crafts for the girls.

Jackson was pretty excited:...and enjoyed every minute.

Another 8 years and he can drive himself the the movie theatre.

Which will be nice because escorting 11 kids from party room to popcorn stand in a crowded theatre with a bathroom stop for 5 of the 11 is a little nerve racking if you're hoping to still have 11 kids at the end of the movie. At the end of the day, there seemed enough parents for kids, so I'll call it a resounding success.

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