Monday, November 30, 2009

From the Mouth of the Girlie Goo

Me: [reading a book with Sydney] What do you think will happen to that puppy-- he is playing with the bag of flour?

Sydney: Mommy. Isn't it obvious?
Me: May I help you with that?

Sydney: No, I think I'll persevere.
Me: Who is your favourite princess?

Sydney: Cindarella. I like Sleeping Beauty too, but she's such a Wannabe.

Me: I'll be right back to help you with the craft. I just have to go to the bathroom.

[5 minutes later I am checking email on the computer]

Sydney: Mommy, what took you so long?

Me: I got distracted.

Sydney: I get distracted by the TV sometimes.

Me: Everyone gets distracted sometimes.

Sydney: You're not setting a very good example for your kids when you get distracted.

Sydney [playing Star Wars beside her brother with Storm Trooper in one hand and Luke Skywalker in the other]:  Hello Luke Skywalker. I remember you! I met you in dance class?

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