Sunday, November 1, 2009

Farewell October

Well Halloween is in the books for another year. Halloween being on Saturday meant about 11 hours for the kids to wait to trick or treat. They actually didn't ask about it much but in the morning they were VERY hyper. Especially Jackson. And Jackson's ability to hear is inversely related to his hyperactivity level. So I asked him no less than 25 times to get dressed for skating lessons this morning. I stopped counted after that.

We thought we'd do something fun and kill a few hours in the afternoon. We went to a nearby university where they were having "Science Spooktacular". Physics and chemistry with a Halloween theme.

I always hear from people going to these kinds of family events: "We took the kids to the renaissance fair on the weekend. They loved the costumes and the play and the sword fighting!"

Whenever we attempt these events I always feel we line up for 3 times as much time as we actually do anything fun. One ill-fated Canada Day trip we joined a very long face painting lineup we realized that the face painter had gone for lunch and we were waiting for him to come back. The line up only moved when people realized the lineup was for nothing and left. Then we lined up for 30 minutes so the kids could take 2 slides down an inflatable slide and then we went home.

So off we went to see some Spooktacular Science but not before some terse words for Jackson who refused at the last minute to go as he had become engrossed in a Scooby Doo Halloween episode.

We arrived and saw professors and students were demonstrating science experiments. A lot of it would have been quite interesting but you couldn't get very close to see or hear what was going one. At one table we waited long enough for Sydney to get to the front only to be mid experiment. "Why do you think this egg is floating?" How would we know. We were at the back when you started.

They had a one hour show and we went to get seats about 30 minutes early. Husband tried to convince the progeny that they could look at some other experiments while Mommy saved the seats but they insisted on staying. They burned through all the snacks and water I had on me and finally the show started. It was 5 minutes in when Jackson put his head down on my shoulder. I thought he might have been bored as the narration left a little to be desired in terms of capturing the imagination of kids.

No. He was hungry. He had an enormous lunch and snacks. He whined and moaned and begged to leave. Then Husband remembered they were handing out free popcorn out in the hall so I went and lined up.

We saw some very cool fiery pumpkins and some balloons explosions and some hair stand on end. It was okay. But I won't be bragging about it.

And this evening was the trick or treating. Jackson was a little testing over a number of things. (his trick or treating bag, my taking a picture) but was very pleased with his haul of candy.

And so here are our two trick or treaters:
And sorting their candy.

I wonder where they get that from?

Oh and we had 55 kids, 2 more than last year. They were fairly evenly distributed through out the evening with the biggest bubble in distribution between 6:30 and 7:00.

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