Friday, November 20, 2009


Top 5 Things I Loved About Being Away:

1. No after dinner chores or spelling practice. In a cruel twist of fate, Jackson had easy spelling words this week.

2. A little income tax, a lot of coffee and a few laughs with colleagues from across the country. We were generally NOT laughing about the Income Tax Act.

3.Cheap wine can be purchased at gas stations in Quebec. I pilfered wine glasses from the bar so I could carry a $3 glass of wine to dinner pretending I paid $15 for it at the lobby bar.

4. Personalized TVs on both flights. I watched a great movie each way. How I used to love movies not made by Disney.

5. Husband had the kitchen as clean or cleaner as when I left. How come I can't do that when he goes away?

When I left we had all just heaved a collective sigh of relief that Halloween was over. I have returned to the pre-Christmas season. Lights are up on houses, Christmas carols are playing loudly in stores and my kids are practicing for their Christmas concert at school which comes with the costume acquisitions. I have already acquired an elf hat for Sydney as instructed. I await the instructions on just how to dress Jackson up like a snowflake and hope that this will not require my looking for white pants for him in December.

But before we get to Christmas, we have an almost 8 year old who wants to party.

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