Monday, October 26, 2009

Yin and Yang, Part 2

I blogged last year about some of the differences between my kids. I am home with a very sniffly Girlie Goo and I am struck with another difference.

When Jackson's nose runs, he will let it. When it becomes too much he will use his sleeve. Or his hand which he will than wipe on any convenient surface. He could be used in the most lethal form biological germ warfare.
It's not like he never touches a tissue. He does quite frequently pick up a tissue and rip it into tiny tiny pieces and leave it on the family room floor to clog up the vacuum.
Sydney, on the other hand, went through well over a box of tissues yesterday. She has an exceedingly runny nose, I grant you. But not that runny. She does not want to really blow her nose, to empty her sinus passages. So she dabs her nose quite like a delicate southern belle, and then discards the tissue. And reaches for another.

Today, she is home from school and she informed me that her box of fresh tissues was empty. I opened that one for her that YESTERDAY. I went around the house to discover we are out of tissues, except for one cute,decorative, overpriced one that I bought for the powder room on the main floor (ask Husband sometime about my obsession with the tissue boxes matching the bathroom decor).
When the flow is just too strong, well she has a plan for that. Anything but actually blowing her nose:
Yes, those are custom made by the Girlie Goo herself.

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