Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Spooky Checklist

Things to do for Halloween:

Decorate house. Check.
Put up Halloween craft projects. Check.
Carve Pumpins. Check.
Label Ziploc bags for this year's loot. Check.
Get candy table ready (without eating any of the candy). Check.
Prepare for gathering of Halloween statistics (number of kids by 15 minute intervals). Check.
A girl should get to have a little fun on Halloween.


Ellie said...

Will you pleeeeease come organize my house? :)

LOVE those decorations! They are great! And the kids' costumes are adorable. Sounds like a resounding success all the way around!

Konnie said...

Ellie, you cannot possible want me to come. The fact that our house got to the state is was should be a warning. Though I would fancy a trip to NE, I cannot misreprent myself. Remember this mess is 6 years in the making!