Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rainy Days

It's a rainy Saturday in suburbia and Husband is on "vacation" as Sydney calls it. Really he is at a conference in Windsor hearing about the latest discoveries in lipids for 12 hours a day. It doesn't really count as a vacation even if he does enjoy immunity from bedtimes, homework and dishes.

Anyway, these are the days we dread because Jackson has boredness issues. He's not one you want to be idle. Idleness leads to boredness. Boredness leads to ennui which results in the convergence of grumpiness, intransigence and volatility.

The only thing on our schedule was skating lessons for both kids. I just couldn't muster up the energy to suit them up in warm clothes and schlep them to the rink and lace up four skates. Especially when Sydney started complaining about it last night. I secured their promise that if we missed today they would go to the remaining four lessons without a complaint. They pinkie swore and everything. Really, I was setting myself up for disaster.

While I remarkably mustered up the energy to do 28 minutes on the elliptical machine, the kids had a long stint (as they did last night) watching pre-screened YouTube videos. Then they took turns designing Lego creations online.

Then I told them of my plan to go out to dinner and gave them four restaurants that we could choose from, none of them starting "Mc" or ending with "onalds". I told them we needed to have a consensus and no one was allowed to get mad over the decision. I was thrilled when they both picked the same place. As a joke I said a different restaurant. I know, pushing my luck. Instead of laughing or dissolving into incivility Jackson said "we can eat anywhere" and Sydney said "wait, wait, I think I am changing my mind" and then named the restaurant I had fake-chosen. My heart might just melt.

So I told them we would go to their choice but then Sydney wanted us all to vote like she saw on an episode of Totally Spies. We each wrote down two choices and put them in an empty DVD box. Then we each drew one out and the one, with the most votes won. Remarkably, we had two votes for the restaurant the kids have both initially chosen and one vote for my fake first choice. So Frogstone Grill it is.

Then Jackson and I played a game of Battleship. Then Sydney wanted me to read her this week's school library book which I did after she read me her sight words. Really all top shelf activities, the TV was only on during breakfast. I am Mommy, hear me roar.

Then Jackson told us the exciting news -- he had a contest! With exciting prizes! But first he needed some alone time on the computer so he could work on PowerPoint. He then distributed prize selection sheets:

Sydney and I each selected a prize we would want if we could win the contest. We waited expectantly for the contest to begin. It was then that Jackson realized he did not have a contest for us, just the prizes and the award certificate prepared.

"Why don't you do a trivia quiz about you?" I suggested.

About five minutes later he came back and presented us with the following questions:

1. I wish for what?

Sydney: widescreen TV
Mommy: Wii

We were both wrong: he wants a Nintendo DSi (not to be confused with a DS, which of course he has).

2. My favret couler is?

Sydney: red
Mommy: orange

Advantage Sydney.

3. My favret holeday?

Sydney: Great Wolf Resort

Jackson clarified, "holeday like Easter".

Sydney: Halloween
Mommy: Halloween

Everybody scores.

4. My favret food?

Sydney: apples
Mommy: garlic bread

Point to Mommy.

5. My worst flaver?

Sydney: minty
Mommy: minty

After regulation the score is tied and we went to the bonus round.

Bonus 1: What is my third favret couler?

Sydney: yellow
Mommy: blue

No one scores.

Bonus 2: My favret vacashon?

Sydney: Great Wolf Resort
Mommy: Cultus Lake

Sydney wins!

And receives her chosen prize: comics by Jackson.

I'd like to talk more but it's the afternoon and as you may have observed, Sydney is half in pyjamas and Jackson is running around in underwear. Plus I think I need to work on some spelling.

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