Monday, October 5, 2009

The Help

Since long before we had kids, Husband and I had a ongoing lament about our houseboy, Julio. We would lament about his inability to keep up with the laundry and his failing to make dinner in a timely manner. We then began to complain about Alice and the fact that the dishes were never done on time. We would sigh at the end of any lament and one of us would say "you get what you pay for", which is course true because you need not pay for fictitious help.

Since we had kids, Husband and I have needed more help than ever because my failings as a housekeeper are accentuated when there are two extra people messing up the place. One of them likes to change her clothes six times a day and despite our protests the discarded outfits are strewn everywhere, which means we not only have to pick them up but we have to divine which ones are dirty. Or we have to ask her to do it ninety seven times. The other addition to our household likes to collect up stuff, like lids to Tupperware, some pieces of Lego, a Pokeman card plus the lens of a telescope and play some spy game which leaves us with piles of crap to repatriate to their homes.

We keep talking about getting a cleaner in every couple of weeks. I would also like a washer woman, a cook and a personal assistant. In short, I would like a good wife.

But then this happened: And this:
And then finally, one morning when I was completely neglecting my motherly duties, I came downstairs and mumbled a "sorry" to the kids and something about getting their breakfast and Jackson said half matter-of-fact and half oozing with pride "It's okay Mommy, I'm making breakfast."
Finally having children is starting to pay housework dividends. Now, if only I could train them to make my coffee in the morning.

Yesterday Husband was pruning our laurel bush. He was a little unhappy with the result and I suggested that we have a gardening service come and trim that one and 3 other trees that are beyond the scope of our ladder. Jackson heard us and said;

"WE'RE GOING TO HIRE A GARDENER?!?!?! Mommy can we hire a housekeeper too??"

"I'd like that" I responded.

"Sydney did you hear that, we're going to have staff!!!! You know what, I'd like to hire a mechanic too. Then he could build a launch pad and a communication device. That would be sooooo cool.'

Keep dreaming big, little boy.

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