Monday, October 12, 2009

Giving of Thanks

Thanksgiving happens a little earlier in Canada because the harvest is a little sooner owing to the more northerly location. It is not a big a deal as it it in the US of A but still most people spend at least one night rolling around wondering why they had a full plate of seconds and went back for a third of stuffing and potatoes.

The interesting thing here is people are much more flexible as to when it is celebrated. In the US, in my observation, turkey day IS Thanksgiving Day. The Thursday. Some people shuttle from turkeyfest to turkeyfest to turkeyfest to ensure some part of the day is shared with each branch of family and step family. In Canada, people celebrate on Saturday, Sunday or Monday of the Thanksgiving weekend. Or the week before. Or after.

This year we celebrated with my family last weekend and Husband's family the Sunday of Thanksgiving. We dined at my sister-in-law who has an apartment right at the ocean so we took the kids to the beach to burn off excess energy before dinner.
That appeared to tire them out as they hunkered down and watched a movie while the grownups had seconds and thirds and then played a couple games.We combined the celebration with a few family birthdays.Here are some of the things I am thankful for:I will close with a poem written by Jackson. You may recall his heartwarming mother's day and father's day poems. Get out your hankies folks. The ending gets me every time:

I'm thankful for my fish and the earth and my parents.
My family is thankful for our clothes and ther food and water and ther jobs.
Everyone should be thankful for trees and grass and animals.
Most of all I'm thankful for my D.S. Because it's fun!

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