Friday, October 9, 2009

Birthday 6.3

In case anyone is counting, we celebrated Sydney's birthday like this at Disneyland. Then had a surprise party with her best pal and family which looked like this. But still we had the GKP to come. The Gigantic Kid Party. As I talked about last year, I used to openly mock people who had GKP. Then when Jackson was in grade 1 and trying to find his place in school, it seemed like a good idea to us to let his classmates get to know him.

And so GKP is a one time deal in this family at age 6. I have mostly given up the right to mock other people's GKP's.

As mentioned, we went with a Build-A-Bear party which I used to think were very showy and splashy but I have changed my tune on that one as well. We went for the basic party, since we have 19 children and, you know, still have to cover the mortgage his month. The up side of the the BAB party is the kids go home with a cuddly bear instead of a bag full of plastic dollar store items. So I limited the good bags to a homemade cupcake and a pencil. I actually went a little Martha Stewart and put them in bags with ribbons and a little thank you note that Sydney obligingly sign 18 times. I impressed even myself.
Sydney was pleased as punch at even the idea of her party. Her classmates were asking her all day how old she was, when her actual birthday is and she was very pleased with the attention.
The Party Bears, as they call the party attendants, were spectacular. While I would not have personally kept saying "I can't hear you!!!" so that they screamed louder and louder, they seemed to keep them under good control. The kids participated eagerly in all the games including a group hug:
The kids initially were eyeing the expensive bears, but they gamely each pick one of the three bears allowed. Here is Sydney at the stuffing machine.This of course cannot be Jackson seen getting a bear stuffed since you know how firm I was about the Build-A-Bear consequence with him only a few hours ago. It's his long lost twin, obviously, separated at birth. I am all about sticking to my guns.

Happy Birthday Girlie Goo!

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