Monday, September 28, 2009

Wish Granted

Since well before her 5th birthday Sydney has wanted a surprise birthday party. I didn't take her too seriously last summer when I planned her 5th birthday party. Once we had that princess party in the planning stages, she plaintively asked me "can I have a surprise party for my SIXTH birthday?" She's been reminding me over the last year.

This summer, I told her that she could have a SMALL surprise birthday party or a BIG non surprise class birthday party. She played into my manipulation and agreed to a big class party. We were encouraging that option only because she is so very quiet at school and we wanted to give her a chance to have her classmates get to know her. So I got to feeling a little guilty about squelching her desire for a surprise party.

So I came up with the brainstorm of inviting her best friend VT and the whole T family over for a surprise soiree. Which is what we set to do. We had a plan to have the T family over while Husband and Sydney were out picking up wine and pizza. Then birthday girl would come home to the shouts of "SURPRISE!!".

Sydney's spidey senses much have been up because she saw her parents madly cleaning up the house, which we only do with such ferocity when we are having company over. She asked "why are you guys cleaning up?" We made up some very bad excuse.

When C, VT's Mom and my capital G Girlfriend, phoned just as they were leaving home Sydney asked "who were you talking to on the phone?"

"Oma", I lied.

"You weren't on the phone for long."

"No, it was a quick call."

"What were you talking about?", she persisted.

"Oma wanted to ask me something."

"What?" She is SO going to be a lawyer.

"She wanted to know when she and Opa could take you out for your birthday lunch."

The whole T family jumped on board with great enthusiasm for the project and arrived promptly after ensuring that Sydney had left the house with Daddy. They helped blow up balloons, set the table and I think it's fair to say Jackson and the three T sisters displayed MUCH excitement for the endeavor. I feared Sydney would hear the squeals of delight from the pizza shop a kilometer away.

It was all worth it:

We had all the elements of a birthday party.
A few presents:
Pizza for 9 in the dining room:
Some cake:
Some chatting with a Girlfriend:
So nice to have friends where the kids love to be together as much as the parents!

And I must say that it was very satisfying to my soul to have done something the Girlie Goo wanted so very very much. And that easily gets over my guilt for having BOUGHT a store made cake and not baked my own as I always do.

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Ellie said...

What a GREAT idea!! Greta always thinks she wants a surprise party, but I'm not sure how she'd handle it (she gets overwhelmed easily) .. this is a terrific middle ground! S looks so happy. I love how she was interrogating you... better start saving for law school now...