Friday, September 4, 2009

Week 10: The Final Frontier

This, the tenth and final week of summer, is the only week all summer that we had nothing scheduled. I had intended on taking it off but because we have the Disney trip in 2 weeks, I worked 2 days. They have not wanted to go outside or go to the park. Even with our trip to the PNE, two final days with our beloved Nanny, they have largely opted for some classic sibling summer activities of sulking when the other will not do as they demand, pushing each other's buttons, and torturing each other literally and figuratively. My oft-repeated phrase this week is "can't you guys get along????"

But to their credit,they also made a fort using the entire living room, and had places to hide and explore:

Jackson dressed up as Bill Nye the Science Guy.

They made this video and published it on YouTube (no skeletons were harmed in the making of this movie):

Today, most adorably, they are playing school. Jackson gave Sydney three lessons: shapes, eating good and bad foods and gravity. Sydney taught about vikings, Earth Day and lava.

Well, to be fair the adorable thing didn't last. Jackson started singing during Sydney's Viking lesson and he got sent to the principal's office twice and was then expelled from school. So I took part in the latter two lessons.

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