Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week 1

We survived. In fact, I'd say we thrived.

Jackson didn't know too many kids in his "temporary" class this week. He seemed fine and apparently made some new friends. He did say that one day he wandered around alone at lunch looking for friends to play with. But I know he will settle in. When I asked him what he did each day, I got the "I don't know" answer so very popular with the grade 3 set.

This is Sydney's first year being at school the full 6 hours. This means playing outside at recess, eating lunch and playing on the schoolyard for 40 minutes each lunch hour. A lot of transitions for one week. She managed beautifully and each night gave us a detailed play by play on her day, including reporting on the rule infractions of other kids.

I remember being much more concerned about Jackson making these transitions to grade 1. Will he eat anything? Will he have anyone to play with? I had tentative plans to attend to the school ground and play matchmaker, trying to find him appropriate playmates. I was much less worried with Sydney. Perhaps because she managed to find playmates more easily in kindergarten than Jackson did. Or perhaps because she is my second child and even I have to mellow a little with the second child and the passage of time.

Or perhaps because I heard Jackson say to Sydney "Meet you at the yellow monkey bars at recess!"

That heartwarming display of brotherly affection threatened to be eclipsed my perterbment with his effort at getting to school on Friday. Though we made it on time, I had to take away a boatload of privileges and threaten to bring the lad to school in his dirty underwear (i.e. no clothes) because he was refusing to get dressed because I was not acting as his servant in some such manner. I hope for better mornings ahead.

And we found out our teachers for the year and I am very pleased. I would love to write more about our first week, but Sydney has 2 homework projects already and we need to get to work on those. Fortunately, Sydney does not appear to have Jackson's homework allergy. If fact she is pestering me to work on it. While I know some would caution ME against getting to involved in HER homework, both projects involve pictures of her/our family/ our summer, the organization of which is clearly my domain.

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