Friday, September 25, 2009

A Very Sweet Half Dozen

Sydney turned SIX whilst we were in Disneyland. We didn't plan it that way. We booked the trip for the few days that fit in between the first weeks of school and Husband's trip to Montreal for work. And we had to travel before the end of September to take advantage of the Kids Fly Free promotion.

The days started a little iffy as she had been fighting a cold, which had zapped her energy. She had been a trooper the previous two days, with a little help from Mommy and Daddy. On her birthday she excitedly waited with her "Happy Birthday" button which elicits birthday wishes from strangers and cast members alike. The minute we walked through the Disney gates she said "I can't walk anymore". We rented her a stroller, or as we called it a birthday chariot. Husband and I were also flagging a little and we could not imagine carrying her in near 100 degree heat for the entire day. She initially resisted the stroller until Jackson said he would ride in it and then it seemed to be okay.

She managed the morning fine, meeting Tinker Bell and another Pixie and enjoyed a few rides. She hit the wall in the afternoon so Husband took her back to the hotel for a rest before the main event at dinner. The princess meal.

We traditionally go out for a family birthday dinner (by family, meaning the 4 of us). So we booked the Princess meal as this year's celebration. Unfortunately, the nap she had back in the hotel did not rejuvenate her in the least. She lay with her head on my lap until the royal page announced the arrival of a princess. She would get up and pose for a picture and then resume the head-in-lap position. She didn't eat any dinner. Still, I think she was pleased.

Ariel was the official hostess:
Cinderella was the most princess-like. Very gracious and charming. She was and continues to be Sydney's favourite.Belle was very sweet.
Aurora, or Sleeping Beauty, was a bit of a diva. I asked her to bend down so I could get a close up of her and Sydney and she said in a fake high pitched give-princesses-a-bad-name voice "Oh, but then you wouldn't see my beautiful dress".
Snow White gets top marks for trying to elicit an acknowledgement from Jackson. She tried hard and only got a flicker of a nod when she mentioned something about pirates.
What is the one thing which caused Sydney to spring to life??
Dessert! Birthday cake served in a special princess chest!
p.s. the LAST post about Disneyland, I promise!

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Ellie said...

How sweet!! Great princess pictures - Snow White really looks like Snow White, too! Greta would absolutely loooove that - especially the cake in the princess chest. Too bad S was feeling under the weather ... but she's a trooper. I have enjoyed reading your posts about Disneyland - I can't wait to take our kids there someday!