Monday, September 7, 2009

Twas the Night Before School ...

It really is back to school tomorrow. I will have peace, quiet and tranquility. I will be able to think in full sentences, drink my coffee uninterrupted and breathe a sigh of relief. For about 30 minutes. Then the kids will be under my charge for the remainder of the day.

I actually had a dream last night that I dropped them off and "forgot" that it was just head count day and didn't come to retrieve them until 2:45.

So I decided to make a little celebration of it. I have been reading the blog, Nie Nie Dialogues over the past year. Nie Nie, the author, was already a very popular blogger last August when she and her husband were in a devastating plane crash in which the pilot was killed. Nie was very seriously injured and suffered burns over most of her body. She was in a coma for months and has had a long road to recover. One of the things that she did before the crash and did again is this past August is have a back to school feast. You can read about it here. Nie Nie has a way of making things so beautiful.

My offering was more modest but I hope to be the beginning of a strong tradition. We made a meal we thought everyone would eat (I will not say THAT everyone did eat), ate in the dining room (I said it was modest).

The kids had milk in champagne glasses. I wrote them each a letter wishing them well in the school year and telling them of our hopes for the fall.

The special dessert was fresh donuts from Honey's, in Deep Cove in North Vancouver. I can't even explain the wonderfulness of these donuts, it can only be experienced (Jackson likes it a lot more than it appears). Sydney was a little silly, but who can blame a girl excited to be starting grade 1!!

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