Monday, September 7, 2009

End of Summer Report

Time to report on the summer. I gave a B+ for the mid term report. We had a few setbacks as fate taunted me for giving such a generous mid term grade. The long weekend in August was a bit dodgy and I was tempted to recant the grade just so I could get through the rest of the month.

But things leveled off again. Week 6, the kids enjoyed their second week of swimming lessons. I will try hard not to schedule them at 6 pm again as it meant interruption with the dinner hour and an insane runaround after work. Also, sitting in rain forest climate during a heat wave is undesirable and to be avoided in future.

Week 7 was busy but on as even a keel as we get around here.

Week 8, the family holiday, was a big success as you may have seen here and read about here if you have complete amnesia about the ride home.

Of course, what is not to like about week 9, being at home while the kids were at camp.

Week 10, the wheels have threatened to fall off the wagon, but we persevered. This last weekend we were the grateful beneficiaries of a grandparental sleepover for the kids. We had a last chance to make resolutions, oaths and covenants about how this fall will be different. More about that later.

I will say I am very happy with the general scheduling of the summer. Last year I was punished for wrong decisions and this summer I think things were scheduled as well as they could be.

Our very last afternoon we spent on a brutal (as Husband called it) mission to get the kids skates at a sports swap place where they seemed very intent on having all 4 staff member catalogue new merchandise coming in but had a hard time coughing up someone to help us SPEND MONEY in their store. The kids did their part to cooperate by walking around each with one skate on yell-singing "I'm a pirate with a peg leg" and by pretending the change room was a haunted and squealing as they ran in and out.

Final grade B+. I may have gone A- if it hadn't been for the whole pirate/pegleg thing, which I would not have minded as much if they had stopped after any of the first 43 times I asked them to cease and desist. Maybe I should have used less lawyerly language and just threatened a restraining order.

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