Friday, September 18, 2009

DS, The Sequel.

Jackson waited most impatiently for Daddy to get home from work so he could see his new game. He told me he was equally excited to see his new game as to go to Disneyland. Imagine, for the $25 we spent on the game we could have not gone to Anaheim??
Jackson said to Sydney this morning, knowing she would get her birthday present this evening, "Maybe you'll get a DS!!" I chided him "Don't get your sister excited about something that might not happen. That is more than we usually spend on birthday gifts". I kept the game up and gave her the game first, eliciting Jackson's solemn promise to share his DS so she could play her game on it. She was pleased. And then we gave her the real gift. Jackson was about 10 times more excited than she was. And she was plenty excited. He was over the top, squealing with delight. In my heart I know it was pure joy for her and at being able to play together and had not too much to do with NOT having to share his DS.

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