Friday, August 7, 2009

The Power of the Pout

We are just at the end of week 6 of summer, over the hump. Mercifully, the end of our 2 week break from camps. The kids have had swimming lessons after dinner but the days have been an endless wasteland of nothingness unstructured.

But what have they been filling their days with?

Making cookies.

Playing at the park.

By the way, parks are not immune to pouts.

Mostly, the dynamic duo have been flexing some entrepreneurial muscle. They came home from swimming last night both chanting in remarkable unison "rooster, dumb head, do-do". I initially wondered what Husband had done to elicit this rebuke but then I realized they were not chanting it at him, they were happily chanting it. Turns out they decided that wanted to go into "the music business" and they liked "the sound of that phrase" and they were "practicing saying it together". Who am I to stand in the way of "The Hills" (think The Carpenters, without the eating disorder)?

They also have been running a gift shop. They run around picking up little things from all around the house and have them displayed and they await customers:

Then they make announcements like this (don't ask me where he gets the fake accent from):

Or this:

When they realized their foot traffic was so low, they expanded to take phone orders. People call and order things and they set them aside (i.e. put them in a laundry basket). When all the things are gone, they do something quite remarkable. THEY PUT THE STUFF AWAY. They usually start the game again an hour later.

Even fun games like this are not immune to pouts:

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