Friday, August 21, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Another update will follow with narrative but here is our week at the lake in photos with twitteresque commentary (I don't twitter):

The cold lake did not entice them a lot, but they did enjoy it when we could coax them into the refreshing water -- usually by saying there are no wasps in the lake.
Tennis courts = good way to burn energy This, for the uninformed, is soccer tennis. Warming up. He did everything but sleep in the mask and snorkel. Sydney could be coaxed for an occasional float in the lake. So far, both of the kids have taken up my very impatient approach to golf. Instead of reading the lie, checking for obstacles as their Daddy does, we were lucky if they let the ball stop between strokes.
What is not to like about glow sticks.
I mean light sabers.
The sweetest (and quietest) moment of every day.

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