Friday, July 3, 2009

What a Difference a Year Makes

As the sun sets on week 1 of summer, I can exhale.

Last summer, week 1 was a bloody nightmare challenging week. In fact, I didn't blog for 2 FULL WEEKS as the J Boy and I tried to gain our equilibrium. It was the hardest week of the summer (though it had some stiff competition) and frankly started us off on the wrong foot.

This year, June was not a spectacular month for J (but notably May was a superb month) and so I admit I was a little apprehensive about getting our summer on track. With school winding down, the J Boy had extra excitement and less mental busyness which is a recipe for disaster. More than once in the last week or so of school I said to Husband "we just have to get him to June 25", thinking once school was out, all would be better. Husband replied "do you remember last summer???", more than implying that no relief would come with the school closing its doors

The first day is sometimes the hardest, especially when it's a Mommy day. You may recall the last full day I had with both kids, no school. It challenged me to my core, so my expectations were low: no outburst lasting more than 5 minutes, no punches thrown and importantly no sarcastic Mommy voice. The first day met all those expectations and more. I can say it was an unqualified very very good day. Pinch me!

The weekend that followed ranked as 'best weekend we've had in June in 4 years'. The kids were good, even uncharacteristically mellow. We enjoyed our end of school family celebration with one small exception: the J Boy did have a bit of a hissy fit over a gift. I went to great lengths to find them appropriate books that were equivalent. I found them each a book with a lock (think diary) that had stories inside. How was I to know that S's Spy Stories had sound effects when the Creepy Stories we gifted to J didn't?

Monday brought the week's activity: bike camp. J was very keen and even more keen to find out he would be riding on ramps on day 2! S was a little apprehensive to go, but found her bike legs quickly. Each afternoon, they were tired and low key. By evening they were ready for something and Husband gamely took them on evening adventures (how I love that man!)

Monday night I said something to Husband that he has been waiting to hear for a long, long time:

"J had a perfect day".

I give J a great deal of credit. He has matured over the last year. He is able to take some punches here and there and not fall to the mat. He is somewhat open to reason and even manipulation.

I'll also take a little credit. I spent 1.2 gigahours planning their summer (many when I should have been sleeping) and maybe I got a few things right, including starting the summer off with a lot of physical activity (i.e. bike camp). I still have some chill, as I resolved to maintain a few weeks ago, and that didn't hurt.

Week 2, here's to more fun, more family time and more chill.


Ellie said...

Way to go kids, and way to go YOU! I'm reading ravenously all your ideas & suggestions for summer fun. You are a much better planner than I am, so I'm just going to do it vicariously through you, okay? :) Here's to the rest of the summer going smoothly!

OH - and CONGRATS on Disneyland!!! How exciting!! I think that will be our next trip with the kids.


Konnie said...

Thanks Ellie, the planning came about by necessity. I'd love to have a laid back summer with spontaneous trips to the beach etc. but J isn't programmed that way. We have some qieter weeks mid summer which I hope we can do some of that stuff.

As always, thanks for reading (and commenting!).